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DID YOU KNOW ? - Energy service companies provide about $4 billion in annual energy-efficiency investment nationwide, 25 to 30 percent of which is spent on labor = jobs
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The goal of the Charleston Green Business Challenge is to improve the environmental performance and sustainability of our businesses. Save Money and Resource, Support Environmental Stewardship, and Get Recognized as a Sustainable Business Leader.

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There are many ways, big and small, direct and indirect that, you can help Charleston become a more healthy, energy efficient and sustainable City. The great thing is that by doing these simple things you become healthier too, while saving your hard earned money.

There are many simple things that we can do in our daily lives, that do not cost a penny, that will have a big impact on the quality of our future lives. Listed below are just a few:


» Turn off lights and electronics not in use when leaving a room or work space.

» Set your heating below or at 65 below in winter, and your Air Conditioning at 78 in summer. That will save a lot on your monthly energy bill.

» Turn down the temperature on your water heater.

» Hang your washing out to dry instead of using the drier. You might get to meet the neighbors.


» Make sure faucets are shut properly - a dripping faucets is not only your money down the drain, but it wastes a lot of what is one of our most  valuable resources.

» Shower instead of bath - it really saves water! Really.

» If you have to water your garden and lawn in spring and summer, do it in the evenings. You'll get more value for money, as less water will evaporate.


» Walk and Cycle when you can - every mile driven in a car pollutes the air we breathe, and exercise improves your health and can lengthen your     life!

» Drive with the Air conditioner off , the windows open and the correct air pressure in your tires. You'll save money by burning less gas, and    therefore pollute the air less.

RETHINK TRASH - would you live next to a landfill?  

» Recycle - Sort your waste at home and in the office. Some waste is valuable, and should not end up in landfills!

» Pick up litter - it not only looks awful, but some of it can end up in our water supply and pollute it, or harm our wildlife.

» Take old batteries to a store that has a collection box. Batteries in landfills leak pollutants into our water supply.

» Don't print documents unnecessarily. It creates a lot of paper waste. The same goes for gift wrapping, bows & ribbons. Re use what you can.

There are many other simple things we can do. If we just do them, collectively, the impact is big, and it really will improve our environment and City, not to mention give you something to feel good about.

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