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DID YOU KNOW ? - 25% of the worlds wind turbines used to generate electricity are made in Greenville, South Carolina?
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The goal of the Charleston Green Business Challenge is to improve the environmental performance and sustainability of our businesses. Save Money and Resource, Support Environmental Stewardship, and Get Recognized as a Sustainable Business Leader.

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The City of Charleston is committed to a sustainable community and that means leaving a lighter footprint on our earth.  One of the many ways that the City can achieve this is by supporting REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE initiatives.

Who Does What?

Charleston County Environmental Management - The County’s solid waste and recycling department manages disposal of solid waste for the County in compliance with the S.C. Solid Waste Policy and Management Act of 1991 and the County of Charleston Solid Waste Management Plan. This Department also has developed educational and operational programs to inform communities about proper solid waste disposal practices and procedures. Contained within the Department are divisions devoted to specific tasks, including collection, disposal, environmental enforcement, recycling and educational programs.  All residents of Charleston County are provided solid waste and recycling services paid for by County charged User Fee.

Berkeley County Recycling - The Berkeley County Water and Sanitation’s role is to provide safe, adequate and reliable water, sewer and sanitation services at a competitive non-profit rate in the spirit of a public owned utility.

Keep Charleston Beautiful - This division of the City of Charleston is committed to promoting the cleanliness and beautification of the community through education, public awareness and community cleanups.

Green Committee - The Charleston Green Committee was formed in 2007 by Charleston City Council to review and utilize Charleston’s greenhouse gas inventory to provide policy recommendations to exceed the City’s target goal of reducing the City’s greenhouse gas emissions by 7% from its 1990 levels by the year 2012 with a goal based upon specific emission targets to be aligned with the Charleston Green Committee’s proposed Plan for Climate Protection and Sustainability.

Environmental Services- The Environmental Services Administration Division is responsible for maintaining a clean, safe and healthful environment for residents and visitors of the City of Charleston.  This Division is responsible for the collection of refuse, street sweeping and enforcement of related environmental codes adopted by City Council.

Residential Recycling

Charleston County handles the recycling effort for our community.  For more information pertaining tocollection bins -

Household containers may be obtained, free of charge, at the Recycling Center, 13 Romney Street; Bees Ferry Road Convenience Center, 1344 Bees Ferry Road; the Lonnie Hamilton III, Public Services Building, 4045 Bridge View Drive; City of North Charleston City Hall, 4900 Lacross Road; or the East Cooper and North Area Service Centers. Or, residents may call the County for delivery at (843) 720-7111, ext. 30.

    • a list of recyclable materials
    • Information about recycling motor oil and hazardous waste
    • Information on electronic recycling
    • convenience center locations and
    •  pickup schedule.
    • Contact Charleston County Environmental Management at 720-7111.

      Cardboard Recycling

      Cardboard can be recycled at many locations in Charleston County, thanks to their Environmental Management Department.  For a location near you, click here.

      Recycling of Appliances/White goods

      All appliances such as refrigerators (please remove the door for safety), stoves, etc, should be put curbside on the day your trash is scheduled to be picked up. The City’s Environmental Services crews will pick them up to be recycled.

      Private Companies that Pick Up Recycling

      Bottles, Cans and Paper Products

      • Fisher Recycling  info@fisherrecycling.com    843-881-3388
      • Suburban Disposal Service  843-873-4810
      • Fennell Container Company  843-552-4751
      • Waste Management  888-964-9730

      Recycling Used Vegetable Oil

      Please email charlestongreen@charleston-sc.gov if you would like to have your company added to this list as someone who picks up and hauls recyclables and insures that the materials are recycled.

      Recycling Dead Computers
      Take them to the Goodwill PC Recycle Center in North Charleston.  They take all of the good parts from various computers and train others to rebuild them and then sell them for a good cause.
      5461 Rivers Ave
      North Charleston, SC 29406
      Phone: (843) 377-1315
      Charleston County Environmental Management’s Convenience Centers accept all electronics free of charge. Please see County website at Charlestoncounty.org for more details and locations.

      Recycling Other Electronic Waste

      Take them to Best Buy Stores or Radio Shacks and they  will recycle the following items:

      Cell phone and Equipment Reuse/Recycle
      Compact Discs (CDs)/DVDs
      Computer Floppy Disks
       PDAs, iPods, MP3 Players, Pagers, and other wireless devices.
      Inkjet Cartridges
      NiCad Batteries
      Rechargeable Batteries (non-NiCad)
      Charleston county Environmental Management accepts all of the above except CD,DVD and floppy disks free of charge. Please visit charlestoncounty.org for details.

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