Intro to Slots: Rock, Vegas Style

The name of the Pragmatic Play and Reel Kingdom slot machine, Rock Vegas, is a pun on the city of Las Vegas and the game’s prehistorical theme. Evidence of gambling’s long history may be found as far back as 2,300 BCE in the form of tiles from Ancient China that were likely used in lotteries. That raises the question, what about the time before that? Did prehistoric humans really use the bone necklaces depicted in cartoons as currency? Maybe the mammoth races were a lot of fun. The tragedy is that we probably won’t find out. Rock Vegas, however, is full of wild guesses thanks to Pragmatic Play & Co.

Rock Vegas is a slot machine game with two distinct reel sets and a prehistoric jungle setting. The first is the standard slot machine, which has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 always-active paylines. During lighter moments, a nice caveman relaxes off to the side of the screen Gonzo-style, while the reels are populated with ferocious monsters. The irritable woolly mammoth and the white tiger with saber teeth give off an Ice Age feel; either they are amicable or are about to launch an attack. It’s wise to take precautions.

Rock Vegas is mobile-friendly and offers betting from 20 pence to £/€100 per spin. Players may view the RTP settings by visiting the paytable, where the highest possible RTP can be found at 96.6%. There is a separate hold & win bonus game that can be fairly exciting, and both volatility (5/5) and potential (10,000x max win) are considerable.

In the base game, wins are awarded for matching symbols on neighboring reels, from left to right. There have been nine high-paying symbols used, and five low-paying ones. High-paying combinations are formally known as crazy animals, lizards, white tigers, and cavemen, and they pay 3.75 to 6.25 times your wager for five of a type. When you have a winning combination of five symbols, you might win anywhere from 12.5% to 37.5% of your wager. Finally, despite the fact that Rock Vegas is advertised as a “wild slot,” no wild symbols appear in the game.

Features of the Rock Vegas Mega Hold ‘n’ Spin Slot

It’s all about getting into Rock Vegas’ Hold & Spin feature, as there are no wilds, modifiers, or bonuses in the main game. This is performed if at least three scatter icons are visible. When this occurs, the regular game reels vanish and are replaced by a blank or colored rock-themed 10×10 grid. The blue rock is worth 0.1 times the wager, the green rock 0.2 times, the yellow rock 0.4 times, the pink rock 0.6 times, and the red rock 1 times the wager.

How many scatter symbols set off the bonus and what kinds of pebbles show up on the grid are related. If it takes three scatter symbols to activate, then all rocks will appear; if it takes four, then the blue rocks will be deleted. Five scatter symbols would result in the removal of blue and green rocks.

You’ll get three chances to try again in the bonus round, and any rocks you strike will stay put and bring you back to the start of the round. The game goes on until either the number of remaining respins reaches zero or the entire screen is covered in rocks.

Clusters of 2×2 or 3×3 identical rock symbols will merge into a single giant rock, and a random multiplier will be applied to the cluster’s total score. Multipliers ranging from x5 to x10 are applied to 2×2 groups, while those ranging from x35 to x500 are applied to 3×3 clusters.

It gets better. Key icons may land on top of rock symbols and be gathered along a path adjacent to the grid. Keys open treasure boxes at regular intervals and give out:

One of the rocks will have a random multiplier added to it, up to a maximum of x500.

Up to 500 times the wager in cash!

The trail receives an additional 4–10 keys.

At the conclusion of the bonus round, your total win will be multiplied by a random general multiplier of up to x100.

A single reset.

If you follow the clues all the way to the end, the Mystery Multiplier will provide a random value between x2 and x100. When the path is completed, the function will begin again.

Slot Result for Rock Vegas’s Mega Hold ‘n’ Spin

The Big Bass Bonanza series of slots from Reel Kingdom and, by extension, Pragmatic Play, is extremely popular, and Rock Vegas has a similar feel. It maintains the same cartoonishly accurate aesthetic, although this time the fisherman is a caveman and the fish are extinct species. Just like the Bass games, the visuals and effects in Rock Vegas are huge, flashy, and brazen. Splitting its time between a very dull main game and a bonus round when the pyrotechnics can go off, this slot is truly a game of two halves.

Rock Vegas is similar to the Bass games in that there isn’t much going on in the main game save the occasional line win at random. When the bonus round begins, the excitement really begins. Rock Vegas’ Hold & Spin may not reach the same heights as the streak respin, but it still has some serious blockbuster potential. In either event, when clusters of matching symbols appear, either the cluster multiplier or the Mystery Multiplier, or both, will be activated to provide additional bonuses. The maximum possible payout is a respectable 10,000 times the wager, and the low odds of actually winning that much provide an extra level of intrigue.

The success of Rock Vegas is not guaranteed in the same way that the fishing games were. Similar to its bass-based ancestors, the game has dazzling graphics, fast reward wins, and a dynamic collection system that may resonate with a large audience.

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