A New Online Casino Partnership for Storm Gaming

It appears that Storm Gaming has successfully laid the groundwork for a more promising future. The developer is the newest member of the Silver Bullet network, which is administered by Relax Gaming. This means the studio can take advantage of a vast distribution network, which will speed up the rollout of its latest online casino games. To rephrase, the situation benefits everyone.

Simon Hammon, chief product officer of Relax Gaming, provided more context. He began by praising Storm Gaming, which he praised for being a top-notch production company. He continued by saying that the Silver Bullet program accepts only the greatest companies, ensuring that all partnered businesses are of the highest quality. He added that this collaboration was more proof of Silver Bullet’s usefulness to software builders and online gambling sites.


A Real War Hero

Storm Gaming is a reputable studio that has been around for almost a decade, making them industry veterans. Over the past decade, developers have created more than a hundred games, covering everything from state-of-the-art slot machines to digital Bingo. Naturally, all of this content will now be accessible via Relax Gaming’s platform, increasing the size and diversity of its potential audience. As new casino games are developed and published online, they will be included.


Silver Bullet’s meteoric rise, especially in European markets, is common knowledge. Taking their business to the next level has always been a goal of Storm Gaming, so this is great news for them. Sabrina Anthi Howells, director of operations at Storm Gaming, offered her own perspective.


Progressive Steps

Howells began by stating that it has always been, and always will be, the mission of her studio to make iGaming more enjoyable than it has ever been. She went on to explain that the designers had attempted to make games that were both exciting and dynamic in order to keep players coming back for more.


Howells continued by saying that her business was eager to expand, but that it lacked the resources to do so without the help of an aggregator. So, she went on, they had begun their quest, only to realize the answer was right in front of them: Relax Gaming. She ended by saying she was excited about the prospect of expanding the existing network with fresh online casino material and thereby reaching a wider, more global audience.


It remains to be seen what comes out of this collaboration, but iGaming fans in Canada are sure to be eager to test out the latest titles.

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